5 New Year Resolutions your kid can have in 2017




Kids are like molten wax, you can shape them however you want in their early childhood. But more than parents and teachers shaping them, it is important for them to realize certain things and be able to make a choice.

Here are some of the New Year resolutions that your kids can have for themselves:

  • Save electricity and Go Green

With so many ecosystem issues coming to light of late, it is very important to teach our kids the significance of making friends with nature. It is essential that they learn to protect and respect our nurture. Kids can take a resolution to make efforts to save the environment and fall in love with it. They can start by saving electricity, switch off the electric products not in use and try to learn to use alternate sources of energy. They can also decide to go green by walking to the next store instead of taking a bus or cultivating a small garden in their balcony.

  • Read more learn more

Reading more books will always help the kids learn more. These days, kids have a lot of exposure to social media and hence, they don’t prefer to read the hard copy materials. It is essential to educate them to read more books. Kids can resolve to read at least a particular number of books throughout the year and as parents, you can motivate and encourage their resolution to do so.


  • Learn the art of financial management

These days, the world is very business oriented, hence, it’s important that our kids understand the value of money. They should know as to how money plays an important role in everyone’s lives and how it should be controlled. Kids can resolve to understand the various ways money can be saved. Parents can buy a small piggy bank and encourage them to put a share of their money in the piggy bank to learn the art of saving money.


  • Excel in a sport of choice

Sports not only give stamina and energy to the kids but through sports, kids learn a lot of new things. Sports can drive a kid’s motivation and encourage him to reach greater heights. Kids can resolve to excel in a sport of their choice. By excel, it means they should be highly dedicated towards it and make sure that they give their 100% during the process of learning it and practicing it. They should resolve to go to all the practices and learn as much as they can. You can give them temporary goals like coming 1st in class in that sport, bagging a national level medal etc. depending upon the kids’ knowledge level in that particular sport.


  • Learn a new hobby/craft

Learning something new always opens your mind to new avenues. You can encourage your kids to take up a new hobby or learn a new craft of their preference which will help them explore and find out new things in the world.

It is important for us to understand that kids need their own space and time. Whatever they decide, let them do it on their own liberty. Give them the freedom to be able to decide and act upon their decision. This will not only help you but it will also help them in the long term.

Ms. Anjum Sulthana - Headmistress Pre-Primary Section, Mount Litera Zee School - HSR Extension

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Meet the ever smiling and the lady who now feels MLZS is her second home - Ms. Anjum Sulthana, Headmistress Pre-Primary Section, Mount Litera Zee School, HSR Extension. Come join us, as we take you through her 5 year long journey from beginning:

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

Teaching came to me as a chance. As I started working with the preschoolers I realized my true calling was teaching, especially to the children of Kindergarten. It has been 7 years now that I am associated with the children aged between 2 and 5 and there is no looking back. I would like to retire as a pre primary specialist.

Why/How did you come across/join MLZS?

My contract with the preschool I was working with came to an end for that academic year. While I was posting my CVs to different schools I also posted one to the MLZS. Fortunately I got a call the very next day which was followed by the round of interviews. Within 2 weeks I had my appointment letter in my hand. Though I received a lot of calls from other reputed schools my intuition always said “Concentrate on what you have in your hand” and hence I never thought of attending any other interviews however tempting they looked.

What do you like about MLZS?

MLZS is purely a “Humane” school. Every person here is treated as a human being rather than a pay-roll employee. Every person associated with the school is given freedom to execute approaches that are the best for the children. ‘The Child’ is the prime focus here and every facilitator of the school is thriving endlessly to tap the unique potential of the child which is also our mission statement.

What are the changes that you have brought into a child?

As an early childhood facilitator it is difficult for me to put my finger on the changes I bring into a child. I believe that “To nurture is to nourish”. Nurturing a child encompasses all aspects of development; social, emotional, cognitive and physical. In every interaction, I nurture appropriate growth and development keeping in mind the child’s happiness.

Why is MLZS better than the other schools?

The highly used word these days “Academic pressure” is something that we don’t come across in MLZS. The children are happy and equally competent in every aspect of learning which I feel does not happen in many other schools. We lay emphasis on working with collaboration rather than isolation ie; the facilitators, the students, the parents and the management work together as a team for a high objective called “Creating 21st century leaders”.

What are the achievements in your teaching career?

Positive and constructive feedback is what everybody craves for. My biggest achievement is when I see my kindergarteners enjoying every bit of schooling. Their laughter, their innocent gestures, their unadulterated thoughts, their charming talks; every little thing is an achievement for me.

Professionally, I have climbed the ladder of success in multiple roles….from a facilitator I rose to become a pre-primary coordinator……from a pre-primary coordinator I am now the Headmistress of the Pre-Primary Wing of the HSR Branch of Samsidh MLZS..

How long do you wish to work for this school?

I have been through the ups and downs, thick and thin of the school. It is my home. Who will ever want to leave one’s home.

What do you think is the role of a teacher in MLZS?

I would first like to replace the word teacher with facilitator. Each one of us here is unique in one’own ways and this uniqueness in us helps us to identify the unique potential of each child. The facilitators go that extra mile here to ensure that students get a rich and stimulating learning environment which imparts knowledge, skills and values in amalgamation with social and emotional quotient.

If you need to describe MLZS in one word, what would it be?


Out of the six values of the School, which value is the closest to your heart?

“Authenticity” is the value that is close to my heart.


Extra-Curricular Activities shaping minds of kids



For every kid, apart from his regular studies, extra-curricular activities are very important to shape his/her overall personality. Through co-curricular activities, kids learn how to interact with other people, how to work in a team and most of all, how to deal with various scenarios in life.

Below stated are some of the ways in which extra-curricular activities can help shape the mind of your kids:

It aids in classroom teaching

Extra-curricular activities are not only helpful standalone but they also aid in classroom teaching. If the kids are involved in extra-curricular activities that are of various flavors, they can relate to the classroom teaching more easily. Since classroom teaching is based more on presentation of concepts than conducting activities, co-curricular activities will help them grab the concepts faster while they are in the classroom.

Helps the kids to learn the art of socializing

Extra-curricular activities are one of the main things that help your kid develop an all-round personality. During their extra-curricular activities, kids get to interact with other kids from various backgrounds and learn new things. It helps the kids to mingle with each other and socialize with the community. When restricted to their homes, some kids do not get the opportunity to socialize with the community, which might lead to adverse effects on their future. Therefore, extra-curricular activities can be used as one of the best methods to break the ice between kids.

Opportunities to explore various things

There are numerous extra-curricular activities that kids can be a part of, like arts, activities related to science experiments, sports etc. All these fields are a little different from what they learn in their classroom and are more practical in nature. These various opportunities will help them explore the different fields and hence be motivated to learn more.

The diversity of extra-curricular activities is what makes them special. There are a plethora of activities to choose from, hence you can always change if you aren’t interested in one of them. It teaches kids that at any point of time in life, there are always various opportunities to explore and learn outside of their own domain.

Acts as a welcome break from regular classes

Extra-curricular activities are the much awaited time of the day for all the kids. They not only get to mingle and play with other kids but they also get to do something that’s fun and exciting. They act as a welcome distraction from a tiring day and generate fresh thoughts in their minds.

Kids get to think from a different perspective during the activities. Their mind is fresh and they think of it as a passion rather than a compulsion. They make the kids realize that working hard towards your passion can help you achieve higher in your life.

Teaches you to express yourself freely

Often times, kids are unable to express themselves freely in the community. Extra-curricular activities help them express themselves freely, either by speech or by showing their passion towards the activity.

Extra-curricular activities are an essential element of a kid’s growth and we should make sure that we let them choose what they want to be a part of.

How Sports Can Benefit Your Children in the Long Run?


All studies and no play make Jack a dull boy. True indeed. Every child needs their playtime to complete their day’s cycle. Recent studies show that those people who have been playing some form of sport from an early age, are in a better physical shape growing up. As parents, it is our first and foremost duty to encourage our children to participate in as many sports as we like. If we build their inclination towards sports from an early age, it will be easier for them to adapt to the sport and learn it faster.

Here are some of the ways sports can benefit your child, even after growing up:

Sports can ensure your child’s emotional and physical in the long run

It is a well-known fact that sports can not only boost your child’s physical health but it can also act as a magic potion for your child’s emotional health. Several studies have shown that those kids who have been playing sports from their early childhood have a much better grasp over  their emotional health as compared to those who have not. It is imperative that you encourage your children to get involved in the field of sports as that will not only help them grow stronger but it will also help them maintain the balance between physical fitness and mental fitness.

Sports can develop a sense of passion in your children

Sports can bring out a sense of passion and competition in your children. The more your child is passionate about his/her game, the more they develop a sense of belonging towards something. These days, it is very important to make our kids realize that to achieve one’s dreams, one needs to be very passionate about them. Sports will help shape your kid’s thoughts towards this path. Sports also brings out a sense of healthy competition among the kids which is very necessary for your kids to learn and grow. Unless and until your kids learn how to deal with competition, they will not be able to learn how to beat the competition and move forward. In this changing world full of competition and the plethora of choices, being involved in sport from a young age will help your child move towards the right path and help them take the right decisions.

Sports can boost your child’s self esteem

There’s no bigger joy for a kid than winning a 100 mtrs running race, ranking first in an athletic event, playing for the winning basketball team etc. All these small yet significant victories help boost your child’s self-esteem. Every child wants to feel confident and wants to know that he can also achieve something. Sports is a way of encouraging them to achieve more and reach greater heights.

Playing sports can help your kids become better group workers

Many of the sports not only requires individual effort, but often times, it also requires you to work in groups. Working in groups helps your kids mingle and be comfortable with the idea of co-working. They will grow up to be excellent group workers and will be able to adapt themselves easily in a group.

Sports can not only make your kids stand out but if your kid makes it all the way in the field of sports, he will be very well respected in the community as a hard-working person. Having sports in children’s lives, regularizes their lives and to a large extent, keeps them in check.


Transformational Teacher – Ms. Kasturi


They say that teaching is one of the most satisfying jobs one can have. It’s not only a job but also a service to the society and to the nation.

As Zee School adds more and more success stories to their basket, they have their pillars of support to thank – their teachers. Here is one such teacher whose experience we have shared here, as a teacher, a friend and most of all, a satisfied human being.

Some snippets of Ms.Kasturi’s journey so far at Mount Litera Zee School:

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

It was by chance that I chose this profession but after choosing it, I have however experienced that “Teaching is fun and it’s an opportunity to enlighten the young minds and create a difference in their lives”.

Why/How did you come across/join MLZS?

In order to create a difference, I have to be a school with a difference. The name of the school “Mount Litera Zee School” itself was so different and the school’s vision “To create 21st Century Leaders” made me think deeply and decide that this was the school I was looking for, to create a fulfilling career.

What do you like about MLZS?

  1. a) Child-centric curriculum
  2. b) Children learn the concepts through various activities rather than just write and                     learn. Here we don’t believe in ‘Chalk and Talk’ but believe in ‘Do and Learn’.
  3. c) The values are not just taught as mere lessons in the Value Education classes.  They are inculcated in our curriculum through all the concepts taught and these values are followed and practiced by each and every one belonging to the Samsidh Family.

What are the changes that you have brought into a child?

I teach the Pre-Primary children. “Catch them young” is a very famous saying.  So I inculcate in children, apart from their curriculum, the need to respect all, irrespective of one’s position, to wait for one’s turn, and to help others when they are in need, to be open minded, to respect and to save nature.

Why is MLZS better than the other schools?

The concepts are taught through various activities, using all the multiple bits of intelligences and Higher Order Thinking skills that are enhanced through our learning styles. Through the concept based methodology catering to a variety of learning styles, children gain problem solving abilities, develop confidence, leadership qualities, which helps them in becoming the 21st Century leaders.

What are the achievements in your teaching career?

I believe in teaching with a difference and this has helped me experience the difference I can make as a Teacher and as a person.  I have grown step by step in this profession. From a

  • Teacher to Training Coordinator (handling classes too).
  • Training Coordinator to Jr. K.G coordinator (handling classes too).
  • Jr. K.G. Coordinator to a Pre-Primary coordinator.
  • Conduct training sessions (for Vidyaranyapura & Horamavu branches).
  • Hosting various Pre-Primary Programmes.
  • Leading my team during Sports day as a Training Coordinator.
  • A value add during school events and celebrations.

How long do you wish to work for this school?

A very long future as far as I can see, till there is the presence of “Anandam” in everyone.  As long as I can instil this ‘Anandam’ in children.

     What do you think is the role of a teacher in MLZS?

The role of a Teacher at MLZS is multifaceted.  She is a mother, a caretaker, a grandmother, a facilitator, a friend and confidant. She is the gardener, who nourishes the saplings and nurtures them into plants in the garden, and helps them in their healthy growth.

If you need to describe MLZS in one word, what would it be?

The King/Queen Makers of India (i.e., The Leaders).

Out of the six values of the School, which value is the closest to your heart?

“INTEGRITY” –is that value which helped me reach here.

All success are in the name of GOD

Transformational Teacher - Ms. Sujata Dash

Music has the power to transform us. Whether it be the thrashing of guitars, the celebratory horns of mirachi or the gentle humming of a loved one, all people are familiar with music in some form. Even the pitter-patter of falling rain is considered music by some. And perhaps, it is the endless, intricate ways in which, Ms. Sujata Dash, music teacher at Mount Litera Zee School, finds her way into the lives of her students and has continued to influence them through music.

For her ceaseless efforts in instilling the essence of music, since the last five years, we asked Ms. Sujata Dash, what she had to say about Mount Litera Zee School, HSR Extension:-

 1. Why did you choose teaching as a career?

Ans: I chose teaching as a career because it is the platform through which I can implement my ideas and thoughts among the children. It provides me an opportunity to work with people and make a difference in their lives. We, as teachers, have the power to inspire and motivate children to become what they love to become. 

 2. Why/How did you come across/join MLZS?

Ans: My journey with MLZS started on 4th July 2011. I remember walking into the campus listening to the melodious and spirited rendition of the "National Anthem" at the morning assembly. The spirit of the song evoked a sense of responsibility in me and has been motivating me ever since.

 3. What do you like about MLZS?

Ans: MLZS is one of the best CBSE Schools in Bangalore. This school provides all kinds of activities like Sports, Yoga, Music, Art & Craft, Dance etc. The academic curriculum is taught very creatively here. The classrooms are very interesting with teacher-driven facilitations,  audio-visuals and activities catering to all kinds of learners, which help children comprehend the subjects/topics. Teachers, here, are very friendly and co-operative. I am extremely proud to be a part of this Samsidh MLZS family, which has played a vital role in sculpting me as a 21st century teacher.

 4. What are the changes that you have brought into a child?

Ans: Being a music teacher at this Institution, I help impart the knowledge of Hindustani vocal music and have taught various genres of songs to all classes.  I am aware that music helps students relax their mind and improve their memory power and become invigorated so that they can tackle any work.  I’m glad that I play a role in this process.

5. Why is MLZS better than the other schools?

Ans: Samsidh MLZS is better than other schools because we offer a comprehensive and holistic education to students.  The students are not judged merely on the grades that they score in various subjects. The academic and co-curricular activities are designed in such a way that children develop life-skills and learn how to collaborate, communicate and co-operate to work as a team. The value system, which they inculcate within the school, is second to none. The friendly atmosphere of the school, the camaraderie among the staff, allows me to a member of this big family.

 6. What are the achievements in your teaching career?

Ans: The school has provided me with ample opportunities to hone my skills in teaching  music formally, by allowing me to attend various external workshops like SUBLIME, TFAI etc. These workshops have empowered me to improve my style in teaching music. Also, I also had the chance of becoming an External Examiner of Gandharv University, for Classical examinations.

 7. How long do you wish to work for this school?

Ans: I wish to be an integral part of this family forever.  I cannot envisage myself going anywhere else.  Who likes leaving home?

 8. What do you think is the role of a teacher  in MLZS?

Ans: We are the facilitators and mentors, rather than  teachers.  The adage of a teacher being the “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” holds true for each and every teacher at Samsidh MLZS.

 9. If you need to describe MLZS in one word, what would it be?

Ans: Innovator 

 10. Out of the six values of the School, which value is the closest to your heart?

Ans: Compassion

 She concluded in the words of Robert Frost - “I have promises to keep and  miles to go before I sleep,” and wishes the best for the school and the students to reach their true potential. We thank Ms. Sujata Dash for her relentless endeavours in creating a magical world for her students through music.

Everyone Loves A Good Story

To be able to use one's imagination to entertain others is a great skill to master -- our parents and grandparents used bedtime stories to great effect in our childhood.

Storytelling is an art: it educates, it entertains, and it enthralls. It encourages us to be creative. It can even lull us into a good night's sleep. It helped preserve different cultures and traditions across the world before the printed word was invented.

The word 'story' can attain a slightly negative connotation with such English-language phrases as ‘cook up a story’ (invent a story or alibi), or ‘spin a yarn’ (tell a long, far- fetched story). Were you aware that ‘old wives tale’ is a widely held traditional belief that is now thought to be unscientific or incorrect, while ‘a tall tale’ is a hard to believe story?

Those who always tell a ‘cock and bull story’(an obviously untrue story) to their parents, teachers or classmates will find it difficult to convince them they are actually telling the truth and are likely be dismissed with a shake of the head and a “Don’t trust him/her, we are sure it's the ‘same old story’(a bad situation that has happened many times before)”

A story can make us warm and fuzzy inside like a success story, a heartwarming story, a bedtime story or a rags-to-riches story.

Moreover, a good story can fire up our imagination and everybody loves a good story! Therefore, being able to tell a story well can keep your audience spellbound; it is an art worth mastering.

In recent times, the practice of storytelling at home and in schools has declined due to the popularity of video games and social media networks. However, scientists and educators recommend that, this tradition should be made a part of family time and school curriculum.

Storytelling helps students in many ways:

  • Level-playing field: Every child is gifted, but in a different way. Storytelling gives an alternative to children who are unable to cope with traditional learning methods.
  • Job opportunities: The ability to express our ideas and vision clearly and imaginatively is a key to be a part of the 21st century workforce.
  • Networking: The power of oral expression can help students create effective networks -- the lifeline of modern living.

Teachers, on the other hand, can benefit from:

  • Increased reach: They can reach out to every student in the class and keep them interested for longer periods of time.
  • Less stress: By introducing an element of fun, teachers can communicate with students with less effort.
  • Renewed creativity: Educators can broaden their own horizons by effective and creative use of storytelling.

Finally, storytelling is an effective method of communication that has been in existence for thousands of years. In case you are interested, here is a link to some interesting variations of the word story/tale/yarn at http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/story)

International Students' Day - The Role of Education in Social Transformation

According to Wikipedia, International Students' Day is an international observance of student community, held annually on November 17.

The day was originally started as a commemoration of 100's of University of Prague students who lost their lives during WWII, but is now an occasion for universities the world over to celebrate multiculturalism, diversity and cooperation among their students.

It is also an occasion for the worldwide student community to celebrate their acts of social responsibility through gatherings, competitions, food fests and charity events organized on the campus on the day.

In India, we observe October 15 as the ‘World Student’s Day’ (which was declared by the United Nations in 2010) in appreciation of our former president’s contribution to education.

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam in addition to being a scientist who played a stellar role in India's missile defence programme, and was also fond of teaching. He is remembered for his love for interaction with students at schools and universities across India and even internationally.

Dr. Kalam popularized the movement to spread awareness about the importance of education by highlighting the role of education as a tool of transformation. We will now look at the social impact of the initiative led by our former president:

  • Role of Teachers: It reinforced the traditionally held belief that teaching is the most noble of all professions and teachers need our support to effectively handle the enormous responsibility of creating the citizens of tomorrow.
  • Importance of Education: It informed people that the only way to change their lives for the better is through education as it is capable of  providing the children from the underprivileged classes with a chance to be a part of the mainstream of the society.
  • Healthcare Awareness: It highlighted the fact that providing healthcare to millions is an enormous task in India but it is possible to make people more aware about diseases and therefore spend less on medical treatment through access to education.
  • Social Harmony: It reminded us that accepting differences and celebrating similarities in the community is key to achieving social harmony and education is the best means to ensure it with active participation from students.

On the occasion of celebrations dedicated to students, let us also thank our teachers for guiding us and take a pledge to help others to gain access to quality education.

Mount Litera Zee School wishes the student community a Happy International Students’ Day.

What values do festivals teach us?

India is a vast country where the landscape – along with language and customs – changes every few kilometers. We are the most diverse country in the world by far!

Festivals are an integral part of a country: There is not a single community, or country in the world that does not celebrate some festival associated with seasons, religion or a day that holds special significance to the people of that country.

In India, we celebrate Diwali, Ramzan, Christmas, Guru Poornima (and many others) which have their origins in religion, while Bihu, Pongal and Sankranti are about celebrating nature.

There has been a welcome trend in our country in recent times that can go a long way in further strengthening relationship between different communities. We now celebrate most festivals which were earlier considered as being specific to a community cutting across divisions – religious, ethnic and linguistic. This is unsurprising and is consistent with our national ethos.

Are you surprised at the emerging trend? If you are not, it is clear the thought never crossed your mind. It is also possible that you did not think it was worth looking for differences when finding similarities with fellow human beings made more sense to you. It reaffirmed your belief that all festivals are a celebration of Unity – the oneness of mankind.

We are born equal and we must live as equals. We have no adversaries but in disease, poverty, and illiteracy and we must be united in our fight against them.

The world belongs to all of us, but so does the responsibility of keeping it the way our forefathers found it many moons ago.

We should strive to leave the world in a better shape for our future generations. Harvest festivals across the world are celebrated with this specific purpose in mind. Our ancestors realized that Nature is the supreme force that rewards us for our good deeds, and punishes us for the bad ones.

Festivals are celebrated with another purpose in mind; to reaffirm our commitment to our family, friends and the community we live in. It is also a happy occasion for making new pledges.

Finally, conservation of nature and promotion of unity among the inhabitants of our planet should be our top priority and festivals help us achieve both the objectives in a fun way.

Value Education and Parenting - Importance of Inculcating Right Values in Children

We often find ourselves vulnerable to enticements and temptations. The true test of our integrity is dependent on how our core set of values inculcated by our parents and nurtured by our teachers can withstand the challenges posed by our environment.

For example, most of us are law-abiding citizens. But, many of us will admit to driving down a one-way street in a moment of weakness only to end up running into a police officer.

Oh, the ignominy!

Moral of the story is, our core set of values are non-negotiable and we must remain true to ourselves regardless of the circumstances.

Our education begins from the day we are born. We continue to learn all our life, with parents and educators sharing the great responsibility of shaping our future.

The world around us is changing rapidly with the advancement in technology and we must adapt ourselves to our new environment. However, it is equally important to preserve our core value system. Teachers and parents need to work together to shape the youth of today into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Incorporating value education in schools and greater involvement from parents could provide the answers to the issues like social alienation and antisocial behaviour faced by our society.

School environment is ideal for developing traits like growth mindset in children. Let's see what other values children can develop in school with the help of their teachers:

  • Creativity: Encouraging children to be creative boosts their sense of self-worth.


  • Collaboration: Teamwork is the ability to work across barriers and is a highly valued quality in the 21st century work culture.


  • Growth mindset: A ‘fixed’ mindset makes children believe their talent is a fixed trait, whereas a growth mindset encourages them to further develop that talent.

Home environment provides a natural space for parents to inculcate values like compassion in children. Let's see how it can benefit a child's growth:

  • Family Values: Spending more time with children is a great way to teach them the importance of family life.
  • Compassion: Teaching children to have concern for all living things goes a long way in making the world a better place.
  • Sharing: Teaching children the joy of sharing with the less fortunate is a great way to get them to place others’ interests before their own.


Finally, children may not always be forthcoming with their problems. For this reason, it is important to create a support system based on value education and responsible parenting to help them deal effectively with their anxieties and concerns.